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This association with statutory objectives exclusively cultural and recreational it has been responsible in the Great of Boston for the organization of multiple activities, besides the teaching of the music and folklore, they extend to many other initiatives of recreational nature.

The Association also intends to constitute an effective vehicle of social capital  in the community's of Portuguese origin, through exchanges and partnerships with other organizations and community representations, she wants of nature public or private. This purpose has been coming to be insured with priority caracter for the Cultural Center, that she have been evidencing as development agent and of promotion of the Portuguese culture.

Brief history

A certain day in August of 1972 in the Portuguese barber's shop in Cambridge St., two gentlemen  Jose Arruda Ponte and Manuel Pereira Silva, they noticed that was a need to resume a Portuguese Band again in Cambridge. The first initiative was for announcement in the local Portuguese radio station. As initiator and first conductor Mr. Ponte took to his position of to receive the registrations of the musicians and to verify if there were enough members for such begin.

Through the radio station and conversation among friends, it animated some people that number of initial musicians was seventeen; they meet for the first time in the basement of the Old Portuguese Church to discuss some details of the future of the Band. Also in this meeting was a discussion for a beginning of the board members, to take position the acquisition of instruments etc. President Manuel Silva, Secretary Amandio G. Silva, Tresure Manuel Tavares. Also in this meeting was a mutual agreement for the name of the Band to be" Filarmonica Santo Antonio. Another subject discussed in the same meeting was that there was no salary for conductors while the band didn't have uniforms and the necessary instruments. As some musicians didn't possess instruments the board had to ask a personal loan to the Portuguese Credit Union in the value of $750. In November of 1972 it began the rehearsals and joining more and more musicians and on July 6, 1973 was the first official job playing for Portuguese American Civic League Somerville MA. Without their own place the first seven years, the Band developed their musical activities in several Portuguese associations of the area, such as the Copa, Saint Anthony’s Church and other clubs of the community. To have her own place was an old dream that it only came to reality in 1979 with the purchase of an old building in Cambridge St. Later they proceeded to the necessary adaptations so that minimum services needed for the organization was perform there. However, given the fast evolution of all of the sectors of the artistic life, and not only, considering the physical conditions of the building, that it was old and humid, besides having terrible acoustic conditions. However, there they continued to elapse all of the activities related with this musical association, the rehearsals, the meetings, the classes of the School of Music, the community meetings, the commemorations, etc.

In 1986 was accomplished the third dream that was the payment of the mortgage, continuing her progress in the community, in the 90’s one more improvement step for the Organization, to request and register as a nonprofit organization according to government laws. The fourth dream was rendered in 1992 that was the reconstruction of the actual building. Unfortunate in this country budgets or subsidies don't exist for organizations as ours, all of the costs of maintenance restoration, mortgage and other loans come from donations and fund raisers within the Organization.


We thank with gratitude the founders and the actual members for the unselfish dedication of their time and personal sacrifice to the welfare of our organization over the years.  Thank you.

Board Members

General Assembly
John Feitor – President
Liberal Batista - Vice-President
Herman Melo- Secretary


Audit Committee
Michael Feitor – President
Frank Gil - Vice-President

Mario Raposo – Secretary


Executive Board

John Correia – President

John Cordeiro - 1-Vice-President
Michael Carreiro - 2-Vice-Presidente

Manny Carreiro – Secretary

 Rui sousa – Tresure
Sandra Gomes – Marketing Director



Jose Fagundes-Band

Michael Carreiro-Bar

Vasco Fagundes-Bar Assistent

Joe Silva-Maintenance


Feast Committee

Aldora Ramos, Fatima Gil, Fatima Feitor, Margarida Sousa, Evelina Carreiro, Celeste Lobao,

Sarafina Gomes, Lucinda Raposo, Maria Sousa Helena Teixeira, Dilia DeMelo.

Jorge Gomes, Helio Melo. Joao Ramos, John Ramos



 Jose Raposo, Joao Teixeira, Duarte Melo, Francolino Faustino, Tony Medeiros.



Laurinda Ferreira, Natalia Luis, Helena Faustino.