Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Music Director

John Roberto Feitor, was born on February 26, 1971, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. son of Fátima and João Feitor, this family is with great Portuguese cultural traditions in our community.

It began their musical studies in our Band, at 10 years old beginning as a musician playing the trumpet. The following year he was promoted to first trumpet player and he stay as a first trumpet player for 12 years. In 1993, already a performer of high category, he entered in the Boston Conservatory of Music, studied with teachers of high level of the Boston Symphony where it received Bachelors Degree in Music Education/Conducting.

He was a element of the Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory. He participated in several apprenticeships accomplished in the Great of Boston. It continued with his activities as trumpet player and took the position of Music Director of the Public School of Medford and always collaborating with the Philharmonic Santo Antonio, he took the position as a teacher of the School of Music where it was noticed the highest level of all of the times in the Philharmonic Santo Antonio, the students that graduated from our school they began their artistic life in the Band came much more prepared for a musical career.

It participated in all of the contests and musical festivals of New England. Never abandoning the contact with the local Bands, in 1999 accepted the invitation to drive, for the first time a Band of Music, the Band of Holy Ghost of Lowell, where it stayed until September of 2001.

In October 2001 it accepted the invitation to guide the artistic destinies of the Philharmonic Santo Antonio where actual possesses a repertoire of the highest level of known composers and famous such like Beethoven, Strauss, Lloyd Webber, John Philip Sousa, Amilcar Morais etc.etc.

With his professional and effective work the musicians and organization bet in the future of a musical artistic career of the highest level in the life of the Philharmonic Santo Antonio.