Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Filarmonica Santo Antonio takes very seriously its role as one of the foremost arts organizations in the city. We promise to use our position to help shape the future of young people by encouraging music education and by developing and strengthening ties with our surrounding community.

Education is a very important piece of the FSA mission. We have dedicated ourselves to spreading joy and educating children about music since 1972. Each year, the FSA Education  Program reach a wide range of children throughout Cambridge and the surrounding cities.

Filarmonica Santo Antonio School of Music strives to provide experiences in creating and analyzing history’s great works as performing and listening to music, and analyzing music which will develop the ability to use the tools of art in all its media, read music, use the notation and terminology of music, describe music make informed evaluations concerning music, and understand music. The department seeks to establish that foundation for lifelong participation in and enjoyment of life's musical experiences enabling the individual to become a complete personality who can productively understand, reflect upon and contribute to artistic expression on the human condition.